First time for everything!

Hey everyone reading this blog! This is actually my first ever blog post, so sorry if it is kinda bad! I wanted to start blogging after my best friend/pen-pal, Jasmin (thewriterofletters) go check out her blog, but yea she sent me her blog and I read it and thought it would fun to start one and writing is therapeutic. So, we set it up which is very confusing to figure everything out! Thinking up a name for a blog is also very hard!! Soon her and I thought of ” a pocket full of sunshine” as you can see. I’m just a teen girl that usually all the time finds the good in things and stays positive because sometimes life gets hard, but then God gives you a pocket full of sunshine☀! I think I do pretty good at staying positive, so thats good! I plan on just writing about how my life is going, just give you guys life updates! Hopefully i’m not too boring! I will share some of my photography pictures, journaling pages, and art! I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog! Also I hope to get to read you blogs! A little about me and how life has been… I’ve moved 3 times within a year it was stressful, but we moved into our official house on March 5th! I was super excited and love my room! My school is closed from March 16th-May 1st!! I love having to not go to school, but miss seeing my friends and online is STRESSFUL!! Corona Virus is annoying everything is closed, but at least Scooters, my favorite coffee shop, isn’t closed!! The weather is rainy, cold, and snowing here:( I HATE the cold!! I wish I could live somewhere hot all year round! Today, I just helped my siblings with their school, did my school, and did my bullet journal for April!! Yea, that’s all I have been doing bc of corona! I hope you enjoyed this blog! If you have any questions or blog posts ideas for me comment below!! Thank you for reading! – Allison Faith Somero.